Murat AYDIN aka Dj Daraske; born in 1978. Graduated from Uludağ University – Tourism and Hospitality. Started career as a radio presenter in 1995 and worked as a program producer and presenter, commercial speaker and technical manager in various regional radios until 2007. Produced and presented “HIT & ELECTRONIC” which was the first and only electronic music program of The Mediterranean and “MURAT ON AIR” which was awarded as JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR in RADIO category by Antalya Journalists Association in 2007. Started his career as a Resident Dj in 2002 in THE CLUB 20 (ANTALYA); shared the cabin with lots of Turkey’s and World Famous DJ’s. Took stage in several night clubs, beach clubs and special events. After working as a music director and Resident Dj at JOJOMI INTERNET RADIO, performed regularly for 3 years at UP SHOT BAR. Performed at special events, openings, invitations, fashion shows and beauty contests, meetings and gala events as an event DJ since 2002. Also accompanied many percussion, saxophone, trombone and violin artists on stage as a DJ. Performed at After Party’s to complete the night after famous artists. Continued to work as a teammate in PLUS NINETY between 2011 and 2016. Worked as a Resident Dj at Rujj Beach in the season 2017 – 2018 and this Summer. Continues career at “Akademix Technical Production” and “Come Together Community” as a DJ.